Thursday, May 31, 2012

Olivia the ostrich!

She's the biggest sculpt I have created so far! Olivia is 9 inches tall, if you include her base. In her left leg, I have inserted a rod that goes into the base to support her. Being able to remove her from her base makes her shipping much safer.

I always do a little research on animals that I sculpt. I cracked up when I discovered that the two toed ostrich has one toe nail on each foot! I had a lot of fun making those two toenails too! I made nail beds for the first bake and then filled them in with the nails for the final bake.

I wasn't going to put eyelashes on her, but my son said that they are one of the charming features of ostriches how could I argue with that? They do add a certain flair to such a silly creature.

What else can I say about her? Oh! Her body has a foil armature in it and her neck and legs have heavy wire armatures in them. She is made from Fimo polymer clay. I painted her body with Genesis heat set paints and then stained her all over for a vintage look. Of course, she has one of my signature silk ruffles around her neck to make her a shabby chic creature.

Here is her auction link:

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