Thursday, June 26, 2014

OOAK Maltese polymer clay sculpture

Here is my latest commissioned piece, a sweet little Maltese.  I used the owner's dog (as pictured below) for reference.  With Parkinson's Disease, the biggest challenge for me is putting in the lines for hair texture because I have to hold and turn the piece with my shaky left hand.  Somehow, with determination, I still manage to detail my work. I sculpted the Maltese from white Sculpey and then painted it with white genesis paint which gave it a more finished look. She has onyx eyes and one of my hand dyed shabby silk ruffles around her neck.

I am looking forward  to my next order,two more bull dogs!  One of them will be have a brindle colored coat, so I'm hoping Genesis paints will work well for that look. I am enjoying a lazy summer, but keep my fingers in my clay so I don't lose my touch. If you are interested in ordering one of my OOAK dogs, please contact me at Unfortunately, at this time, I am not sculpting human babies or fairies.  They require a much steadier hand than I currently have. One of these days, I might give in and have deep brain stimulation (DBS), but I'm hoping a new and more effective medication will be discovered before I have to make that decision.

Next month, we are going on a big family fishing trip. My husband assures me that my tremor will attract the fish as it causes my fishing pole to shake.  Hey, you have to have a sense of humor to get through some of life's challenges!


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bulldog puppies in their new home!

I was thrilled to find out that the collector who ordered two baby bulldogs from me found nursery items for them! They are two lucky bulldogs to be in such a loving home! I am amazed that they fit so perfectly in their bed, rocking horse, and walker!  I hope you enjoy these cute pics.

If you are interested in my work, please contact me at