Monday, September 27, 2010

Holiday Boutique!

I have been keeping busy creating fun and unique items for the Big Sky holiday boutique! Right now, I am working on the most wonderful vintage purse mirrors. As soon as I put the finish on the solder, I will post photos.

I will be selling a few sets of my hand sculpted and very antique/primitive looking Holy Family sets. They almost look like they were found during an archeological dig.

I also have some Christmas babies planned for the boutique. They will wear only lovely red bows.

Pictures will come soon, so please be patient! I am working as fast as I can!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sculpting on hold for home redecorating...on a shoestring!

I had to take some time out to work on my house and do some updating. I love to decorate on a shoestring! So, let me explain. I painted my kitchen table and chairs black as well as my vanity in the upstairs bathroom. Thank you Martha Stewart for the wonderful paint in the color "Silouette!" I got it at Home Depot and it goes on smoothly and with very little odor. The paint totally transformed some things in my house that I really didn't like!
Now I have to tell you about the hutch? It was nearly brand new, but my son pulled it from a dumpster at his apartment building!!! It was free. Can you believe that? It sits on a white dresser that I got at the local thrift store for $29. It's a nearly perfect match.
You really don't have to go out and spend a lot of money to make your house look charming and inviting. You can do so much with paint and a brush! Beat the system and spend your money on other things that you enjoy. I want to travel, not sink my money into a household items that will just become dated in 5 years or so.
I hope you are inspired by my work and ideas.
See the three pictures? I made them from scrapbook paper, torn water color paper, and inexpensive frames that I painted white. My dad made the shelf for me many years ago. I painted it white to match the other pieces in the room.
So, this house is mine....not an interior decorator's. I put myself into and, better yet, I did it spending very little money!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Holiday boutique in Anaheim Hills!

I am going to be busy making my soldered jewelry and OOAK dolls for a holiday boutique in our neighborhood. So far we have 30 vendors, so it should be a really fun event!

As you probably can guess, I will be putting Ebay on the back burner because my work sells much better when a collector can pick it up, play with it, and see the details and quality.

My husband is retiring after the first of the year. He plans to be my rep and will be showing my work to owners of boutiques in Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Manhattan Beach, etc. I can't wait! I love to keep my hands busy and with Alan's sales background we should have some success!

I go back and forth from sculpting to soldering. Today, I put my clay away and got out my soldering iron. It's been a fun change for me.

If you are artistic and haven't soldered yet, you should give it a try. I used to think it was something that only men did when they worked on a copper plumbing pipe, but it's much more than that. Just make sure you use lead free solder. You don't want leaded solder on your skin. Lead free solder can be found at Radio Shack, Ace Hardware, etc. However, if you want the higher end solder for jewelry (it has silver in it), you should go on line and order.

Happy soldering or sculpting!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

real deal

At least you can tell from my past few auctions that I am honest! I have no family or friends who bid up my work. That's called shilling and it's dishonest and against Ebay's rules. I don't do that! Many sellers do, but, with the coded names, they are not easy to spot like they used to be.

It's funny, people are like sheep. If they see a bid on an Ebay item, they think that is an endorsement of value. That's not necessarily true because shilling is rampant on Ebay.

Soooo, my OOAKs that didn't sell will be going to a holiday show and, hopefully, when people can actually pick them up, hold them, move the arms and legs on the jointed ones, and see the details and quality, they will want to take them home!

Ebay can be a very uneven playing field for honest sellers and artists. In spite of that fact, I am proud to say that my work can be found in homes all over the world. I get nice fan mail and that keeps me going!

I just had to talk about this today.