Friday, May 16, 2014

A polymer clay hand sculpted OOAK miniature Schnauzer

I'm on a roll with dogs. In fact, I have a list of special orders for them.  I just finished this sweet little Schnauzer that you see in the photos above. Next on my list is a baby bull dog, one of my favorites to sculpt! The collector has asked me to make it jointed and I love doing that too!  

Earlier today, a fellow Wheaten owner asked me if I have sculpted a Wheaten. Interestingly enough, I have not, but I have my own model for one with George, our 3 year old Wheaten.  He has a summer cut right now though, so I'll wait for him to grow out his coat before I use him as my model. I have not sculpted a Wire Hair Fox Terrier, like our beloved Millie who was 14 years old when we lost her 3 years ago.  I would love to add one to my list! 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Polymer Clay Yorkie Puppy Dog Sculpture

This cute little Yorkie is a commissioned piece that I just shipped out yesterday. This is my first Yorkie, and, actually, my first longer haired puppy.  I used professional Pro Sculpt clay to sculpt this little one, then I used Genesis paints, which blend so easily for coloring a two toned animal. Her eyes are tiny onyx beads.  I think her profile is darling and so are the little pads on her feet.  The clay balls that I roll for them are about the size of a pinhead. As always, I altered a box for this one, but forgot to take pics of it before I sent it.  It was exceptionally cute, too!

Next up is another commissioned puppy, a Schnauzer!  It will be my first one for that particular breed. After that, I have a request for another baby bulldog and I love sculpting those!

If you would like to place an order for a puppy, please write me at  I will add you to my list!