Monday, March 31, 2014

Three OOAK hand sculpted bulldog puppies!

There was a photo of 3 bulldog puppies on FaceBook the other day. They were so darling! So, the other day, when I was pondering about what to sculpt next, my husband suggesteed that I sculpt those puppies.  Here they are!
I sculpted them from Pro Sculpt polymer clay and then I lightly painted them with Genesis white paint, which is more transparent than acrylic paint, thus giving the impression of light baby fur with "skin" showing through.
I really enjoyed working on these three doggies.  They are about 2 inches to 2They are made from Pro Sculpt and then I used Genesis heat set paints to give them a very light suggestion of white new born
They are about 2 in. to 2¼ in. long, just the right size for the palm of your hand!  I'll be listing them on Ebay soon!  I'll show you the link here on my blog.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bunny Bella, jointed bunny

I have another new bunny finished! Her name is Bunny Bella and she is wearing her new spring hat! Of course, nothing about her looks new....I hope! My intention is to make my work look old and vintage or antique.

I jointed her at the arms and legs, but her right ear keeps the right arm from moving much.  I used plain old sculpey to make this lop eared bunny.  I like its matte finish. Pro Sculpt and Fimo have a shinier finish when cured.

Watch for more bunnies! I'm in a bunny kind of mood!

Here's her auction link:

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bunny Fifi

This is the second of the two bunnies I showed you earlier.  The first one was a commissioned piece. This one is up for grabs!  Her name is "Bunny Fifi."

I used waxed cord to joint this bunny. I like to use it because I can pull a tight knot in it so the arms and legs are not too floppy and loose.  She has tiny black beads for eyes and a hand dyed silk ruffle around her neck. I used an antique stain to give her a vintage look.

Each of my pieces is created one at a time, so no two are just alike. Because they are unique, and not manufactured, they make wonderful heirloom collectibles for you to pass down in your family.