Sunday, December 1, 2013

New Baby Giraffe!

I was commissioned to sculpt one of my baby animals. My customer said she would be happy with any of them, so I decided to sculpt another baby giraffe.  In between Bunco parties, my kids coming home for Thanksgiving, and Christmas shopping, I was happy to finish this baby and get it off to it's new home yesterday!  It will arrive in a custom altered box embellised with old dictionary pages and giraffe ephemera. I should have taken a photo of it before I shipped. Darn!

I used Fimo clay for this little guy.  He has onyx eyes and has been painted with acrylics followed by a stain to give him a vintage look.  I pencil in the free style pattern of his spots before painting. 

Hopefully, I will find some time to make a couple of Christmas themed animals for Ebay, so please keep watch!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

These are my new bohemian style inspiration bracelets.  Everyone can use some encouragement from time to time.  The first one says "I believe" on one side. Flip the focal bead over and it says "in miracles!"   The second bracelet is actually like two in one! If you need patience one day, use that side. Need some intregity, flip it over to that side!

I tediously transfer and center words onto the focal beads, then seal them for permanency.

These bracelets are stretchy, so they are easily worn and removed.  Each one is one of a kind. I try not to repeat a bead on any one bracelet.  Various and appropriate charms are added for swing and movement!

Here are the links to these two, but watch for more. Christmas is right around the corner!

I love this time of the year!  I am inspired to create creatures to help keep you company while you sit by a fire, eat popcorn, and watch Halloween movies!  Here are my current pieces of work, a pumpkin man with Beetle Juice stripes on his pants, and a creepy Goth kitty. Perry Pulp and Banshee would love to haunt your house!  Banshee comes with one of my little pumpkins and Perry is really fun to pose in various positions. He is quite a mischievous looking little guy.   I enjoy having him, and the cat, sit on my shelf until they go to their new homes!

If you would like to bring one or both of these creatures to live with you, here are the links:

Perry Pulp:

Banshee and her pumpkin:

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Shabby Chic altered lampshade DIY

I embellished a plain lampshade for a friend. I used ribbon trim around the bottom of the shade and flowers and beaded sprays, all from Hobby Lobby.  A hot glue gun, wire cutters, and scissors are all you need for tools. The lighting for these photos was not the best. The colors are actually off white and pale aqua.   Don't spend money on the pre-made ones. Do it yourself!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Repurposed vintage keys, "Believe" and "Trust"

I have altered two old keys that I found at estate sales.  I love to use vintage dictionary pages in my work, so I have wrapped the stems of these keys with the definitions of "believe" and "trust."  They are gentle reminders to keep your thoughts positive. I sealed the papers and sparkled them for a magical look. I further embellished them with some bead dangles.
I collect old dictionaries wherever I can find them.  Keys too!

Oh! The third necklace is one of my layerd pieces. I use a brass bib for the base. I blacken it for an aged look.  The coin focal point has a rhinestone chain around it.

All of my work is one of a kind. I may use similar or the same elements but they are always designed in a unique way.

You can find these necklaces on my Ebay sister site under the Ebay name "Oldstorybooks," where I list other vintage and antique finds.  Here are the links:



Coin necklace

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Harold's Halloween ~ a Shabby Sweetie bear and his pumpkins!

Here is my first sculpt for the Fall 2013 season!  Harold is jointed with heavy duty thread.  He wears a hat made from a vintage dictionary page. The black ruffle is silk and he wears an orange bell around his neck. He comes with 3 sparkly pumpkins! Not only that, but he comes in a box that I altered just for him!

I sculpt with Parkinson's Disease.  I used to think about how lucky I was to have a passion for sculpting and how I would be doing it until my nineties.  Then, the tremor in my left hand started.  It began with a twitch in my thumb.  I thought it was just one of those twitches that everyone gets from time to time. But, it got worse. I was eventually diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.  I had to learn new ways to do my work.  Often, I have to lay my work on my desk, rather than hold it in my left hand. Paint must be applied between shakes!  I started out with primitive pieces and have found some peace and happiness going back to them, although I might just try a realistic baby one of these days!

I don't know how much longer I can do this, but I will continue until it's no longer possible.  I hope that you won't let obstacles get in the way of your life, your loves.  Please don't let the elephant in the room make you quit!  Work around it.  Never give up!

Monday, August 5, 2013

A repurposed sauerkraut jar! DIY

Here is another repurposed jar, this one a sauerkraut jar.  It now holds tealights!   The knob was on clearance at Anthropolgy. I sanded the lid, but not completely. Then I used Ranger's alcohol ink to age it.  I made the label using my collage maker and a vintage image from The Graphic's Fairy.  This one is going to my daughter-in-law for her birthday.  This could be used for an inexpensive hostess gift so save those jars!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Polymer clay sculptng tutorials and a tip.

Don't forget to check out my sculpting tutorials. I offer free instructions for sculpting baby hands and faces. I would do videos, but I doubt you would want to see my hand shake throughout!  Fortunately, the tremor is in my left hand, although the neurologist says it will ultimately go to the other side Meanwhile, I will sculpt! 

My tutorial for baby faces can be applied to older faces.  It all involves nudges of the clay, the amount of clay, and thinning out the face. 

Don't give up!  I have my down times, but, somehow, my determination wins.

A tip:
Don't be afraid to mimic someone else's work. Many of the masters learned by mimicking. Eventually, your own style will evolve.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

"Poppy," a shabby sweet baby orangutan

Finally, after a few months, I have a new sculpture finished!  This baby orangutan's name is Poppy.  I haven't finished embellishing her box, yet, but as most of you know, my work always comes in a custom box. 

I work a lot slower than I used to because I have a tremor in my left hand caused by Parkinson's disease.  I'm too stubborn and determined to give up sculpting until my work all begins to look like little aliens.  I think it's still pretty good and pretty cute! I hope you do too!

Here is the link to Poppy's auction:


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Paulina, goth art doll....tight rope performer!

This is Paulina, my new goth doll. She was once a tight rope performer.  You can read her sad story here:

I used a wonderful antique handkerchief to make the bodice of her dress. The umbrella, though very old and tattered looking, was quite challenging. I had to sculpt an opened umbrella and then collapse it to get it to look right.  I usually try to make at least one prop to go along with my doll and my story. 

Before you throw anything into the trash, ask yourself, "how can I use this in my work?"  Make art, not landfill!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I will be announcing a new goth doll listing this evening, but for now, I have these altered keys to show you.  I just listed them this afternoon.  As you can see, I am still repurposing things and loving every minute of it!  At least these keys won't be in a land fill for a while! 
Someone wrote and asked me if I solder or glue the embellishments on these pieces. I use glue! E6000 to be exact. It is the recommended glue on several jewelry sites.  I have used other glues, like Aleene's jewelry glue, but it's not as good as E6000. One time I accidently left a brooch on a top and it went through the washer and dryer. The pin that I had glued on with E6000 was still firmly attached when I found the brooch. 

I am starting them at a very low opening price of only $5.00. I think they are so neat and such great conversation pieces. I'm not repeating any of the designs, although some may be similar.

Thanks for popping in to look at them!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Brambles, Bunny Rabbit

Brambles is my first bunny for spring of 2013!  I will make similar ones, but none just like him!  He is jointed with wire, very old looking, and somewhat goth.  This miniature is 3 inches sitting and 3¾ inches long with his legs extended.  I  have detailed him with tiny "stitches"  and a hand dyed silk ruffle around his neck. He looks like he has come from the past and has lots of spring stories to tell! 

Here is the link to his auction:

If you would like to sculpt your own bunny, look for my simple bunny tutorial here on my site!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Altered key pendant

I am back into making one of a kind jewelry again! This time, I'm altering vintage keys.  It gives these keys a purpose again. They won't go into a land fill anytime soon!  I do love salvaging old things and finding new uses for them.  I know others are doing the same, but each of us puts our own slant on our repurposing.  I used new and old jewelry findings on my pieces. 

If you want to see the pendants I have available, please go to to this Ebay account. I don't list them under my toodlesocks account. That is strictly for my sculptures. I will be listing two new sculpts soon!  For now, here is that link to my other listings:

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Edgar is my first goth teddy bear.  I have him glossed gray eyes, which I think add a lot to his creepy look.  I used Premo for this little guy.  I painted the stripes on his legs, his hat, and the pads on his feet, with acrylic paint but used Genesis heat set pain on his eyes because I wanted a transparent look.   My intention is to make my goth characters loveable rather than sinister or evil looking. They simply want to be loved like everyone else.  I hope they find a place in your heart!

Here is the link to Edgar's auction:

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Clara Westerling, silent film star, is my first goth doll of the new year!  Her true love, on and off of the stage, was murdered on the studio's back lot and she mourns for him. His spirit haunts one set and she haunts another.....their souls never to meet again.  Tis sad.

She holds the movie camera containing his last images.

I sculpted her and her camera and have them listed on Ebay. I hope you'll visit her auction where you will find more of her photos.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Update on Colleen's funeral fund

The doll artist community has raised $2,670,75 to be given to her family for funeral expenses. That is not including money to help transport her beloved kitties to their new homes.  I am so proud to be a part of such a wonderful and supportive group of people. Blessings to each of you!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Colleen Burson Fund

Colleen's family desperately needs help with her funeral and burial. If you want to help, even in the smallest amount, here is the link to her fund.

Tribute for Colleen

The sculpting/doll making world has lost another beloved artist, Colleen Burson.  Colleen had struggled for so long, making hand made soap and selling it to make ends meet. The following is what I have been told about Colleen's illness and subsequent death.

 Last week Collen died from complications from the flu. Because she had no health insurance, she didn't seek medical care for the first several days of her illness. Finally, last Monday, she went ER.  There, she was told to take Tylenol and drink plenty of fluids and was sent home. On Tuesday, she was having difficulty breathing and went back to the hospital. On Thursday, a nurse went into her room to check on her and found her cyanotic (blue). It was too late.  Colleen died from sepsis (an infection that had spread throughout her body). Had she been put on antibiotics during her first visit, she may have survived.  Antibiotics will not kill a virus, but they will kill bacterial infections.  I wonder if the ER doctors even bothered to order a chest X-ray. She probably had pneumonia as a secondary infection, which then led to the sepsis.

People have fought Obama Care. They think it will lead to socialism, which will then lead to communism.  Countless people from other countries have written posts on Facebook, telling of illnesses and hospital admissions that have been completely covered by their country's universal health insurance.  The U.S. lags behind, with the poor dying from illnesses as though we are a third world country.  They don't seek care during the onset of an illness because they can't afford it. In this country money and wealth selects who will survive.

Colleen, though a poor girl, was rich in friends. She touched the lives of so many with her positive attitude, wisdom and spirituality.   She touched my life as we shared our thoughts on faith and religion.

Colleen had finally found a job in a dental office. She was getting her life together and finally could get new eye glasses and tires for her car. She had been wearing reading glasses over old prescription glasses to see. I know this because she told me so during a phone conversation several months ago.  She proclaimed this new year, 2013 to be her year. 

Please wake up America. Universal health care is not evil. It is not communism. It is being compassionate and human!

Colleen, you are free now. No more struggles, no more illness. You will never hurt again.  We love you sweet girl.