Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Baby Parrot, Lola!

Birds are popular right now and when I saw that baby parrots are white, I just had to make a shabby cottage style one! So, here is Lola. She is a very needy little being and just wants to know if she is loved. I altered a box for her, as I have been doing for all of my recent work. She can be displayed on it as I have done in the photos.

Here is her auction link:

Sunday, February 26, 2012

When pigs fly!


Pigs do fly! Well, maybe not, but this little piggy soars over the clouds as he is help up by a wooden skewer! He (or she!) is my latest little shabby sweet animal that I have created go with your cottage white decor! I don't have the pig glued to the skewer so that it can be taken apart and shipped inside of the cute altered box I have made especially for this piece.

This link will take you to this cute little pig:

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I finished a cottage style bunny girl today! After much thought, I decided not to sell her. She will go to my grandbabies. I just can't let go of some pieces.

I sculpted her face before Christmas and had no idea she would become a bunny! We are having some spring days here in southern California so I guess I have been hit by spring fever!

I will be working on another shabby sweet animal,and maybe another bunny child. I am thinking "flying pig!"

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

An OOAK shabby white cottage baby owl!

I just listed a 2 inch baby owl! I think he's pretty cute and very "baby." I guess "innocent" would be a perfect word to describe him! The ruffle around his neck looks like little bird feathers, don't you think?

I altered a box with the owl theme for him. On the box is a medallion made from the print of an antique school book, vintage lace, owl ephemera, and an antique shoe button (in the middle of the medallion).

Here is the link to his Ebay auction:

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you are having a happy Valentine's Day! Maybe next year, I will have some Valentine's sculpts to offer.

Tomorrow, I will be listing a new shabby sweet animal! I'm not telling what it is until I list it, but I will tell you that it's very cute and it's a baby!

Only one day left on my elephant. She is anxiously awaiting her new home! I will be shipping her to the lucky winner on Thursday.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Shabby white elephant is listed!

I have listed little Stellaphant! Here is her Ebay link:

Stellaphant the elephant! Shabby Sweet!

Her name started as a joke. My sister, Gina, and I were trying to think of a name for her and I said "Stellaphant!" Surprisingly, Gina liked it, so I went with it!

I am going to list this little elephant on Ebay this afternoon and will post the link here for you. She will come to you in the adorable altered box that I made for her. She looks cute either sitting on the box, sitting in front of it...or, you can use the top of the box as a background for her. She is my latest shabby sweet OOAK dolls. She is jointed at the arms and legs. Her head is tilted a little to give her a shy, obliging look.

Her head piece is a flower taken from an antique doily. Her eyes are onyx and her ears and feet are embellished with lovely words taken from a reprint of an old label.

I won't make another one just like this one! Isn't this the white elephant you've been looking for???

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cottage White Shabby Sweet Bunny!

I have listed another cottage white piece! This one is a little bunny with a hand dyed silk ruffle around her/his neck. The ears are accented with a vintage style print.

Even if you don't have a cottage white style house, touches of it here and there can be quite charming. I think it's a very cheerful look and it takes us back to simpler times. In fact, I'm working on replacing all of my towels and sheets with white. I am a 50s child, so it is a very nostalgic look for me.

I used wire armatures in the ears and the tail for this piece. Even simple pieces benefit from armatures.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

This is my newest miniature cottage bear. She's a shabby sweet tea bear! She is jointed at the arms and legs, has onyx beads for eyes, and wears a soft sheer pink ruffle around her neck.

She is listed here on Ebay:

Have I told you that it is very important to wear only white clothing when you sculpt? Even with perfectly clean hands and clean work area, fibers from your clothing will float through the air and land on your clay. It is like a magnet for dust and debris. I thought I could get away with making the arms for this bear while wearing a flannel shirt this morning. Wrong move. I could see red fibers landing on the clay as I looked through my magnifying glass to sculpt. I created more work for myself so I'll not make that mistake again.