Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A passion for polymer clay and sculpting ....this time, a penguin with an egg!

Having a passion for something good......anything that fulfills you and is good for others, is much more important in life than making lots of money, buying expensive cars,etc. I have been so fortunate to have found my passion in sculpting.  Even though I fight a tremor from Parkinson's, I find joy in creating from clay.   I have had new cars and even new houses, only to find an empty feeling.  You know how you want to keep going into the garage and smelling that new car smell only to realize that it's not enough to fulfill you?  What I find fulfillment in is creating something new!  I find joy in knowing that my work is gracing the homes of people all over the world!  How lucky I am!

I guess I'm in a introspective state of mind this evening. 

I just sent one of my creations to Kentucky.  It was a penguin with an egg.  The egg was removable from the penguin....my own design and idea. At least, I have never seen another sculpt like that. For me, clay and art is what it's all about.  I'm going to be working on a vulture for my daughter-in-law and hope to show it to you soon!  Oh! I also have two goth dolls ready for fall and Halloween! I look forward to showing you soon!+

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Bessie Bluebird

I think everyone is ready for a little bit of spring, so here is my contribution!  Bessie  is the second baby bluebird I have sculpted.  She is about 1½ inches tall.  She has a wire armature in her little birdie feet to make them more secure.  I have been sculpting my animals with ProSculpt clay and it's far stronger than Fimo or Sculpey.

Tomorrow, watch for a newborn puppy!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Oma The Ostrich

I'm back with some new animal sculptures! First up is a 6 inch ostrich named Oma.  She comes on a  base and will be shipped in her own altered box.  I used Pro Sculpt for this piece and then I painted her with Genesis paints.  Isn't she adorable?

Keep watching for my next two pieces!  Although I may repeat animals, no two will ever be just alike because I never mold my own work.  Each piece is individually sculpted.

Here is the link to Oma's Ebay auction: