Thursday, April 24, 2008

French Country baby listing

I have listed the most adorable French Country doll. The bodice of her dress and her headband are made of vintage ribbon from France. The bottom of her dress is made from the sleeves of a vintage dress. She has a very etheral, serene look. She is one of my favorite creations so far.

To bid on her, please go to this link:

Sue Anne

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I have a new baby sculpt up for auction on Ebay. She wears a pretty pure white dress, hat, and diaper...all hand made just for her. I hand sculpt and hand paint all of my dolls' eyes. Once again, remember that each tiny face is unique and will never be repeated.

I would also like to mention that I prefer to make dolls that are not attached to a elaborate bases that will turn out to be nothing but dust catchers. I like a nice clean sculpt that can fit into your present a fairy or baby lying on a stack of books, or nestled into a collectible teacup.

I have just finishd two commissioned pieces and am ready to take on more. Please email me or write me here on my blog to place an order.

Sue Anne

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Timing a sculpt

I am frequently asked how long it takes for me to sculpt a doll. I have never really timed myself because I multitask and don't pay much attention to the clock. Sometimes I am working on a face while another one is curing. However, I am going to attempt to time myself with the next sculpt. I will time the different steps.....sculpting the face, the body, limbs, painting, dressing, wigging, and making and applying the wings(if it's a fairy).

This will be an interesting time study!

Sue Anne

Saturday, April 12, 2008

New human baby~Lillian

I have listed a new human baby and I think this sculpt show that I have improved in realism. In person, she almost looks as if she can breathe! Making the eyes smaller and narrower helps give a baby a more newborn look. Lillian comes with a really nice little box. She will nest so sweetly in the palm of your hand. I just love this doll! Please visit her auction here:

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

new fairy doll

My new fairy, Nancy, is a different kind of sculpt for several reasons. She is actually a doll, rather than a posed sculpt. She is jointed the old fashioned way with tiny holes that run through her limbs and body. Also, she is intentionally old looking, like something you might find in one of those locked glass cases in an antique store, or in a long forgotten trunk of treasures in grandma's attic. I have made the bodice of her dress from a piece of antique lace taken from an old dress collar. Her skirt is tea dyed habotai silk and her entire body has been washed with an antique medium for an aged look. I used my own special technique to age the wings, which are embellished wity tiny holeless pearls. Her hair is mohair and her antique style hat is sealed and stiffened. As always, her face and body have been painted and blushed with Genesis heat set paints and the finest acrylics. She would make a unique addition to any fairy or doll collection.