Friday, February 10, 2012

Stellaphant the elephant! Shabby Sweet!

Her name started as a joke. My sister, Gina, and I were trying to think of a name for her and I said "Stellaphant!" Surprisingly, Gina liked it, so I went with it!

I am going to list this little elephant on Ebay this afternoon and will post the link here for you. She will come to you in the adorable altered box that I made for her. She looks cute either sitting on the box, sitting in front of it...or, you can use the top of the box as a background for her. She is my latest shabby sweet OOAK dolls. She is jointed at the arms and legs. Her head is tilted a little to give her a shy, obliging look.

Her head piece is a flower taken from an antique doily. Her eyes are onyx and her ears and feet are embellished with lovely words taken from a reprint of an old label.

I won't make another one just like this one! Isn't this the white elephant you've been looking for???

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