Friday, August 23, 2013

Repurposed vintage keys, "Believe" and "Trust"

I have altered two old keys that I found at estate sales.  I love to use vintage dictionary pages in my work, so I have wrapped the stems of these keys with the definitions of "believe" and "trust."  They are gentle reminders to keep your thoughts positive. I sealed the papers and sparkled them for a magical look. I further embellished them with some bead dangles.
I collect old dictionaries wherever I can find them.  Keys too!

Oh! The third necklace is one of my layerd pieces. I use a brass bib for the base. I blacken it for an aged look.  The coin focal point has a rhinestone chain around it.

All of my work is one of a kind. I may use similar or the same elements but they are always designed in a unique way.

You can find these necklaces on my Ebay sister site under the Ebay name "Oldstorybooks," where I list other vintage and antique finds.  Here are the links:



Coin necklace

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