Monday, March 31, 2014

Three OOAK hand sculpted bulldog puppies!

There was a photo of 3 bulldog puppies on FaceBook the other day. They were so darling! So, the other day, when I was pondering about what to sculpt next, my husband suggesteed that I sculpt those puppies.  Here they are!
I sculpted them from Pro Sculpt polymer clay and then I lightly painted them with Genesis white paint, which is more transparent than acrylic paint, thus giving the impression of light baby fur with "skin" showing through.
I really enjoyed working on these three doggies.  They are about 2 inches to 2They are made from Pro Sculpt and then I used Genesis heat set paints to give them a very light suggestion of white new born
They are about 2 in. to 2¼ in. long, just the right size for the palm of your hand!  I'll be listing them on Ebay soon!  I'll show you the link here on my blog.

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