Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sculpting on hold for home redecorating...on a shoestring!

I had to take some time out to work on my house and do some updating. I love to decorate on a shoestring! So, let me explain. I painted my kitchen table and chairs black as well as my vanity in the upstairs bathroom. Thank you Martha Stewart for the wonderful paint in the color "Silouette!" I got it at Home Depot and it goes on smoothly and with very little odor. The paint totally transformed some things in my house that I really didn't like!
Now I have to tell you about the hutch? It was nearly brand new, but my son pulled it from a dumpster at his apartment building!!! It was free. Can you believe that? It sits on a white dresser that I got at the local thrift store for $29. It's a nearly perfect match.
You really don't have to go out and spend a lot of money to make your house look charming and inviting. You can do so much with paint and a brush! Beat the system and spend your money on other things that you enjoy. I want to travel, not sink my money into a household items that will just become dated in 5 years or so.
I hope you are inspired by my work and ideas.
See the three pictures? I made them from scrapbook paper, torn water color paper, and inexpensive frames that I painted white. My dad made the shelf for me many years ago. I painted it white to match the other pieces in the room.
So, this house is mine....not an interior decorator's. I put myself into and, better yet, I did it spending very little money!

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