Saturday, September 4, 2010

real deal

At least you can tell from my past few auctions that I am honest! I have no family or friends who bid up my work. That's called shilling and it's dishonest and against Ebay's rules. I don't do that! Many sellers do, but, with the coded names, they are not easy to spot like they used to be.

It's funny, people are like sheep. If they see a bid on an Ebay item, they think that is an endorsement of value. That's not necessarily true because shilling is rampant on Ebay.

Soooo, my OOAKs that didn't sell will be going to a holiday show and, hopefully, when people can actually pick them up, hold them, move the arms and legs on the jointed ones, and see the details and quality, they will want to take them home!

Ebay can be a very uneven playing field for honest sellers and artists. In spite of that fact, I am proud to say that my work can be found in homes all over the world. I get nice fan mail and that keeps me going!

I just had to talk about this today.


Christel Hutson said...

I am a hater of shilling! I think it stinks for honest sellers like us! I have seen MANY artists works get bids at say 200.00 starting price..only to be relisted a week or so later! This to me says shilling! I am honest too, and if my dolls don't sell, well then I donate them to family and friends, or relist them once just a bit lower,, and go on... I think like you say SueAnn, if they pick them up and hold them, they will fall in love, and want them. It's funny, but my own work that I personally think is the best, do not usually sell as fast as my work that I think won't sell at all! different strokes as they say. You just keep being honest, the Toodlesocks name has been around long enough, always with class, and your little babies are so sweet they will sell themselves. xoxo Christel

Sue Anne said...

Christel, thank you so much for your comment and I am so happy you agree with me and understand. I hesitated to post about shilling but I just had to. It really does hurt honest sellers like us. I, too, give my unsold ones to family and am saving some of them for my soon to be born granddaughter!
I hope honest pays off in the end, because I intend to stay honest in spite of the frustration.
Big hugs back to you!
Sue Anne

Candace said...

Hi Sue Anne,
First let me say that I adore you! What a great friend you have been. You blog spot is terrific and I love the music! I so love you art and I think you are the most honest person I know. Christel is right! Your Sweet sculptures will sell themselves.
Hugs to you.

Sue Anne said...

Awwww,thank you Candace. I truly appreciate your friendship and support. You inspire me to keep going and I am always in awe by your work!