Monday, May 7, 2012

Inspired by Restoration Hardware!

Here is one of my inexpensive decorating ideas. I was inspired by the very expensive ones that I saw in the Restoration Hardware catalog,framed prints of antique English music. For my project, I used Dollar Tree frames (but they are wooden!), cold pressed water color paper, and French music prints taken from the graphics fairy site. All of her prints are public domain, so you are not infringing on copyright when you use them. I used the water color paper as a background. It gives a bit of texture. Then, I laid the printed music on top, making sure all sides were even.

I love old paper and these print off so well that they look like the real thing! I have them hanging in my family room on the opposite wall where I have two of my dad's old violins hanging. Restoration Hardware's prints go the other direction, longways, while mine are sideways, but they still look great and for a few pennies I can have the look!

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