Thursday, May 10, 2012

A shabby chic dictionary bird, Harmony

Birds are really popular right now and I have so much fun sculpting them! If you are new to sculpting, a simple bird might be a great place for you to start since they have no joints and are a fairly simple sculpt. Alter them or add your own embellishments to make them OOAK. Altering and dressing are often the most fun stages of creating or sculpting for me. Start keeping bits of lace, ribbon, extra buttons that come on clothing, and even books you don't want to read or have already read. Use the pages to make medallions or to cover a box.

Spring has sprung, indeed, and Harmony would be such a perfect and one of a kind gift for anyone who loves gardening or the outdoors. Or, you just might want to keep her for yourself!

Here is her auction link:

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