Monday, June 4, 2012

Jeffrey Giraffe, thread jointed

I don't repeat sculptures exactly the same so that I keep them truly OOAK, but I do variations of an animal or doll. I had sculpted Gerard, a giraffe, a couple of months ago. He was a full sculpt,rather realistic. Jeffrey, on the other hand is more of a toy type giraffe with his jointed arms and legs. He has the same innocent and pitiful look as the Gerard, but he has "stitches" to look like he is a hand made stuffed animal, like my bears. I am really happy with him! His eyes are onyx and he has one of my silk ruffles around his neck to keep with my shabby chic mode. I used heavy duty thread to joint him so he will be very durable for years to come. I used acrylic paint for his spots and then used an acrylic stain to give him a vintage or antique look. He looks like an old toy in an antique shop.

Here is the link to his auction, which I hope you will copy and paste into your browser.

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