Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fair maiden, Ciara~ poseable

She is so much prettier in person. I really must make a light box to photograph my work.

Ciara is not a fairy, but a fair maiden. She has poseable arms and legs. Wires go from her shoulders into her "elbows" and they also go from her hips into her "knees." She can cross her legs, sit with her legs bent on the edge of a shelf and you can put her arms in endless postions...very fun! How do I do that? I put some Super Glue in the tiny holes I put in the limbs before I insert the wire. You can also use a glue called Loctite, but I find that Super Glue works just as well.

Her upper arms are wrapped in lace. The dress is made of lace for the bodice, and the gathered skirt has three layers of silk, with the top one being habotai silk (shinier). I lightly aged her clothing with coffee. Her hat is made of clay and, like her dress, is non-removable.

Most of my dolls are....dolls. In other words, my intent is not to create a "real" being like some of the fairy makers. I am usually striving to create a doll that looks like it came from another time, like it has a history, or keeps a story about a little girl who used to play with it. That is what I love to create.

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