Friday, June 22, 2012

Dollar Tree wall arrangement idea!

I try to steer clear of dollar store plastic junk that will just add to land fills, but this wall arrangement will last for years to come. The frames came from the Dollar Tree and they are made of wood. I used various photos and snapshots of family and changed them to black and white prints, a look I really love because it's clean and crisp. I need to tweak the arrangement a little, but I am thrilled with the general appearance. The photos are a warm reminder of how blessed I am so have so many loved ones in my life. I used cold pressed water color paper as a background behind the photos. I used double sided tape (also a Dollar Tree item) to mount the photos on the water color paper. Glue, even acid free, tends to make the photo curl slightly. The tape works much better. I'm showing views going up and down the staircase.

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