Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Finally, I have listed an new doll on Ebay! Her name is "Sienna" and she comes with three tiny pumpkins.

While I was in Ohio, the tree frogs and other night singing creatures seemed to beckon the onset of fall and all of the cozy warm things that accompany it. I really do miss Ohio falls. I miss walking through colorful leaves, the smell of real wood burning in fireplaces, the brisk air for a football game, and the feeling that fall is a new beginning.

So, here I am back in Southern California, where fall is nothing more than a few dried leaves and Santa Anna winds ( I am not complaining). Yet, I felt the desire to create something something fall-ish. So, Sienna was born, striped brown stockings and all!

I have been thinking about what tip I would like to offer new sculptors this evening. I have decided that a most important tool is a good anatomical or proportion scale. In order for a sculpt to look realistic, the body, limbs, and head must be proportionate. A child or baby's proportions differ from an adult's. For instance a newborn cannot touch his or her hands over the head whereas an adult can.
Check out these sites for proportion charts:



These are well worth the investment!

Sue Anne

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