Thursday, August 23, 2007

New sculpts soon!

I have pre-listed, or scheduled, two new sculpts that will show up for auction Thursday evening (Aug.23). Bubbles and Frank are a sweet set of two. Bubbles is a shy baby orangutan and Frank is an antique style teddy bear. I have not sculpted a baby ape for quite a while, but someone requested that I list one and so I did! This one is really cute and very shy. The set comes with two mini pumpkins.

The other doll is a very tiny fairy (2 in.long). Her face is about the size of a dime. I love the challenge of sculpting small while still retaining detail and expression. Meg is her name and she naps on a berry/leaf embellished pumpkin, which I also sculpted.

Tomorrow, after lunching with friends, I will finish up a third sculpt, which I am really excited about. She is an extremely tiny fairy who sleeps in a pretty silver gravy ladle!

Please watch for these new ones!

Sue Anne

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