Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bubbles & Frank, and Meg have arrived!

I have two new auctions this evening. Bubbles & Frank are two timid sweeties, and Meg is a napping fall fairy. I love sculpting tiny dolls like Meg who is only 2 inches long. It's always a challenge to detail the faces, hands, and feet of teeny dolls. Of course, I always work under a strong light-up magnifying glass and am fortunate to have steady hands. Still, the slightest wrong nudge of the clay can destroy a face as tiny as Meg's.

My tip for new sculptors is this:
If you are interested in sculpting baby apes, make your own flocking. I use English viscose hair and snip it into tiny bits. To apply, use regular glue. You can also use mohair or Tibetian sheep hair, but I find that because it is not as fine and soft as viscose, it will not adhere as well and looks too sparse.

Sue Anne

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