Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Froudian Artist Of The Month for August!

I am so honored to be Froudian Artist for August 2007! Now, I will be able to use the Froudian award banner on my auctions and website!

Sue Anne


fribbles said...

BIG congratulations, Sue Anne!! That's an absolutely wonderful honor for such an amazing artist---love your darling toddlers and faerie girls, not to mention your monkeys!!

And welcome to the wonderful world of blogging---if you need any help customizing it, let me know---I set up Kim's for her so she could customize it easily and I've done the same thing for Deb Wood's blog too---and of course mine! =P


Sue Anne said...

Thank you Amelia! I was so surprised and thrilled to get this award! I am anxious to go home and get back into my clay. I have found some interesting vintage lace and embellishments that I want to incorporate into some of my sculpts.

I could definitely use some help customizing my blog. Thanks so much for offering!

Sue Anne