Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jointed Baby Bulldog

I have two new miniature sculpts available! The first one is a thread jointed baby bulldog. I was in a pet store last week and saw three of these babies and wanted to take them all home with me! They were so darling that I decided to sculpt one. My animals are usually jointed, which makes them a little different than anything you would find in most lines of collectibles. I won't be repeating any
of the dogs so if you see a breed you want, please grab it. I don't get around to commissioned pieces very often.
I used Fimo for this little baby. For jointing, I used upholstery strength thread, so it should last for many years.
She's a wee one at only 1½ inches tall in her seated postion.

Here's the auction link for Sophie, the baby bulldog:

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