Friday, August 31, 2012

Goldie, a falling leaf ornament for fall or halloween!

I have listed my first falling leaf for this fall season. I make these only in the fall. Then, for the holidays, I will make some falling stars!

I have named this one Goldie simply because I made her from gold clay. I begin by using a real leaf to inmprint the clay. Sweetgum leaves work really well because they have lots of veins that the clay picks up and they are shaped nicely in general. Besides, I have two huge sweetgum trees in my front yard, so I never run out of leaves to use!

I came up with this design on my own. I have never seen a leaf, or a star created with arms and legs like nine. I hold copyright to these and hope other artists will respect that.

I hand sculpted each tiny toe and finger individually, just like I do for my dolls, so these leaves do involve a considerable amount of time and patience. For this one, I used black onyx beads for eyes, however, I may change the style of the eyes from time to time.

Goldie has a surprised look on her face as she drifts through the air to land in her new home.....the ground!

You can hang my leaves from a branch or from a suction cup in your window. Just make sure the suction cup is secure so Goldie doesn't arrive on the ground in pieces. She wouldn't like that!

Here's the link to Goldie's auction:

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