Monday, August 20, 2012

Here's my newest sculpt, a sweet baby basset hound jointed "teddy bear style." I thread jointed him with extra strength quilting thread so that he will last for years to come. He is detailed with hand painted eyes and even has the faint line of red that runs through the bottom lid of bassets' eyes. My heart was really into this piece because we used to have a basset hound many years ago. He was a sweetheart.
I gave him the black, brown, and white coloring of our beloved "Milford."

Maggie comes in the cute altered box that you see in the photos. You can either have her sit on top of the box or use it as a background for display. I used a public domain reprint of a basset hound on the top of the box and used the definition of basset from an old dictionary on the side of the box.

Here is Maggie's auction link:

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