Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Miniature matchbox Teddy Bear

And here is my new tiny Matchbox Teddy Bear! I haven't sculpted this tiny for a long time. With medication for my tremor (Parkinson's) I find that I am still able to turn out a fairly small sculpture. This little bear is only 1¼ inches tall in his seated position. He sleeps inside a small matchbox. It's not one of the utility size matchboxes that I have used previously.
I have always loved tiny things, especially when they fit inside of a tiny box! So, the tiny thread jointed bear can sleep in the little box at night and then you can take him out and display him on top of his box during the day! I like the glitz on this box. It adds to the magic! I used a strand of rhinetones on the top and used an old rhinestone earring for the drawer pull. Altered things are the best!
Here's the auction link for Tiny Ted:

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