Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I have this baby in a bunny suit up for sale on my website for only $59. That is a great price for a doll that is one of a kind. Her face will never be repeated because I never use molds.
If you would rather buy her from my blog, please write me at I have her set up on the website for paypal, but other payment methods are not out of the question.
About her:
She is 4 inches high to the tip of her bunny ears. She has hand painted eyes which were glossed for realism. I sprinkled a light layer of fairy dust on her because I simply love sparkles! She has detailed bunny feet pads. Her face was painted with fine acrylics and Genesis heat set paints, then sealed.
She is eagerly waiting to help you celebrate spring at your house!


Dawn in the Forest said...

This baby bunny is so sweet:) I'm sure it will find a new home very quickly.

Sue Anne said...

Thanks so much! I do hope she finds a good home this spring!