Saturday, May 22, 2010

A variety of pendants!

I listed several pendants on EBay this evening. You can preview three of them here. Two are from broken china and the brown one is made from bronzite.

I am donating a portion of each sale to a Parkinson's Disease foundation simply because I am in the early stage of Parkinson's and am hoping and praying that a cure is right around the corner. So far, I have a tremor in my left hand, so my ability to sculpt and solder has not been affected. My enthusiasm to create has not been hampered in the least. In fact, I consider each day that I can continue my work to be a blessing.

At first, I didn't want people to know that I have this disease, but I hope that by sharing my experience, I will help others and inspire them to keep going. I wear the Michael J. Fox bracelet and T-shirts to show my support for his foundation and all persons who suffer from this disease.

Please take a look at my new work and don't forget to check out my web site as well!

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