Sunday, May 16, 2010

I bought some beautiful mineral stones when I was in Kauai a couple of months ago. My intention was to solder bezels around them and turn them into pendants, but I wasn't quite sure how the stones would take to the heat. They didn't mind it at all and the pendants are simply gorgeous. Each of them has been embellished with one or more Swarovski crystals. I have them for sale on my website. They each come with an 18 inch black velvet cord, which, I think, really shows off their beauty. When you go to my site ( you will find rainforest rhyolite, pyrite, liquified coal, and mookaite pendants. The samples above show mookaite, which is the dark red, and pyrite (also known as fool's gold), which is the silver one.

To sculpt or to solder, that is the question!


Christel Hutson said...

Dear Sue Anne, hello, nice to meet you! I love the jewelry pieces you have created, all are just beautiful, and so unique. Your metal work is amazing! I also just love the sweet little baby you have recently sculpted! she looks as if she will move at any moment. A fantastic job! xox Christel

Sue Anne said...

Christel, thanks for your kind words about my work. I love your work too! I visited your site just the other day!

Happy sculpting!