Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lulu, an OOAK newborn puppy!

This is Lulu, a sweet, tiny newborn puppy!   By tiny, I mean that she is 1½ X ¾ inches! I sculpted her from ProSculpt polymer clay so that she would have the "skin" of a newborn puppy and then I painted her with Genesis heat set paints and used a stiff bristled brush so that the paint would go on like hair and let the skin show through just as it would on a real puppy.

People often say "I wish they could stay little like that" when referring to a baby animal. Well this one will stay that way! 

Lulu comes in a cute little box that I altered just for her. I used vintage dictionary pages for a shabby chic look.  You can store her inside or display her on it.

Here is the link to her auction:

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