Sunday, October 14, 2012

I've been away from my clay for a while. We went on a road trip up north to Lake Tahoe and Yosmite. It was a nice little get-away, followed by a few days in NewPort Beach, but I am more than ready to stay at home and sculpt for a while!  I am working on a new goth doll, but I made another  pumpkin with realistic eyes between stages of working on the doll and have it listed on Ebay for an opening price of only $1 !!! 

I taught myself how to make these realistic eyes and I'm really pleased with the look. They are so real looking that they are creepy! 

I promise to ship him within 24 hours of closing of the auction so that the winner will have plenty of time to enjoy him before Halloween! 

He has a real twig for a stem and is lightly sprinkled with fairy dust.

Here is the link to his auction:

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