Thursday, September 27, 2012

Goth white pumpkin face

I was at Roger's Gardens in Newport Beach yesterday. That's where people shop for high end holiday decorations for their homes. Unbelieveable prices! There were some paper mache pumpkins that had realistic eyes and they ranged in price from $400-$800! The only think that made them different from any other molded pumpkin was that they had realistic eyes. I have sculpted my own realistic faces on pumpkins before and was re-inspired to go home and sculpt some more! This time, I made my own glass-like eyes (my first attempt at this technique) and inserted them into my own little miniature pumpkin head! Rather than orange clay, like the one at Roger's, I decided to make mine white and stained for an old world look. This one is only 1¼ X 1¼ inches. I estimate that in proportion, it should cost about $100! So, I started it at $1 just for fun! Theirs appeared to be a reproduction as they had several, and mine is a one of kind original. So, see what you think. Here's the auction link:

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