Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Baby falling leaf and Boston Terrier Puppy!

Baby Gus is my third leaf for this 2012 fall season. I thought about putting a pacifier in his mouth, but that is just too cutesy for my taste. So, he's just smaller than my first two leaves. I like showing my leaves in front of an antique window that I've found on a trip to Michigan many years ago. If you have an old window, it would be a perfect display for him!

I also listed a sweet little Boston Terrier puppy. This one has a particularly sweet face. I used plain old sculpey glaze on his eyes and nose. Sometimes I think it works better than the fancy stuff. I didn't put a shabby ruffle around this one. I opted for a red collar with a gold buckle (all tediously hand sculpted) because I thought it would contrast so well with his black and white coloring. He sits on a coordinated red and black box with the vintage dictionary treatement on the side of the box. You will find the definition for Boston Terrier there.
I hand painted this puppy's eyes using Genesis paints. I used acrylic for his body (white paint on black clay.

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