Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Off topic~ penny pinching tips

Occasionally, I like to pass on one of my lifestyle tips to you, so I hope you don't mind my going off topic every now and then.

I go through a lot of paper towels when I work at my sculpting desk. We also use a lot in the kitchen because we cook nearly all of our meals at home, so there are always spills on the counter or on the floor. Without thought, I would rip off a paper towel. We get our paper towels at CostCo and they are a much better value than at the grocery except for one thing, the sheets are way too big! So, I have started cutting them in two as soon as I open a roll. I can cut through several layers at a time. I set the stack on the kitchen counter and we are literally cutting our paper towel purchases in half!

Another tip:
We like the "homemade" bread at a local grocer because it has no preservatives in it. The bread gets stale within two days so I was always pitching bread! Now, I freeze 2 slices in a ziplock bag and freeze them for individual use. No, I'm not using a lot of bags because I stash them back in the freezer to reuse the next time I buy bread!

As an artist, I compare the cost of daily use products to the amount I get from my little sculptures. I spend hours on one piece, a piece of work that will last for years to come. Bread, paper towels, etc. are gone in a flash. I have become much more frugal about where I spend that money. Good for me and good for the environment!

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