Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Baby Giraffe, sneak peek!

There will be better pics to come, but I wanted to show you my current pride and joy, a baby giraffe sculpt! I had seen a photo of a baby giraffe on pinterest and just knew I had to sculpt my version of this adorable creature. Sculpting him brought back memories of a giraffe that my dad had once carved from a piece of wood. It was a miniature that had rhinestone eyes, a quirky embellishment that stands out in my mind. My sister is the lucky keeper and guardian of that treasure. So much of what I do was inspired by my dad. He used to draw cartoon characters for me at the breakfast table. I think he would have devoted more of his time to art had he not been working so hard to provide for us.

I feel that I captured the bewildered look of a baby giraffe as he takes his first looks at the world around him. Once again, I was drawn to a pitifully cute and innocent creature.

If I can let go of him, I will be listing him on Ebay this Sunday at approximately 8:00 pm EST for 7 days. Some sculptures have a special place in my heart and he is one of them. But, I do find joy in knowing that my work is in collectors' homes around the world. I feel like I will leave a bit of myself behind when I am no longer here. That is the most awesome reward of being an artist.

I will give you an update on this piece tomorrow!

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