Wednesday, March 28, 2012

"Norway" a baby white harp seal

Although I consider my work to be folk art, I do some research for each animal that I sculpt. For Norway, I looked to see how many digits there are on each harp seal flipper, and I studied several photos to sculpt a realistic nose for him. While looking for photos, my heart was saddened when pics of the clubbing of baby seals came up. I simply can't understand how a human being can do this to these sweet, darling baby animals. I won't dwell on that though, because I want my blog to be a happy place for you to visit.
This little shabby sweetie rests safely on his cute little altered box. Norway will never know anything but love!
His eyes are onyx and he wears a shabby little ice blue ruffle around his neck. There is a reprinted photo of an Arctic scene on the top of his box (thank you graphics fairy!).
Though a fairly simple sculpture, I wanted to get the right look on his face. He has to oversized eyes that a real harp seal pup has and a shiny black nose with little dots for whiskers.
He would look so cute in a white room with aqua accents!
Here is the link to his auction:

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