Friday, February 4, 2011

OT Happy Birthday To Gina, my little sister! Button bows!!

Even though my blog is basically about sculpting and soldering, I like to pass on some of my other lifestyle tips and techniques.
My sister's birthday is just around the corner! I wrapped her presents today. She send me such beautifully wrapped presents for my birthday so I wanted to make my wrapping special for her! The idea of buttons came to me. I used buttons with shanks to dress up the bows on her presents. Simply run one strand of the ribbon through the shank, then tie your bow! You may have to cut the tip of the ribbon to a narrow point just to get it to slide through the shank.
The white box is one of those "origami-like" tops that you fold inwards. I added a button to the top of that one too.
I really like the look. The buttons gave them a pretty feminine touch. Oh! Don't buy expensive buttons. These were some that came in one of those discount variety containers.
Martha Stewart, I am sorry if you have already thought of this idea. It's new to me!

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