Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bunny tutorial? Peeps too?

I'm thinking I would like to do a simple bunny tutorial here on my blog. How about a bunny holding an egg? I will keep it simple for those of you who haven't tried sculpting. So, go get a bar of Sculpey and let's do it! We have plenty of time before Easter! We might even have enough time to make some peeps! Michael's has their own brand of clay bars, so you might want to try that. If I need Sculpey, I try to get it when it's on sale at Michael's, but you can use one of their 40% off coupons to get a bar if they are not on sale. You can sign up for Michaels or JoAnn fabrics coupons online and print them off. If you want to make peeps, you will need some light yellow.

This will be fun! I love to teach. If you are more advanced than a simple bunny, you can always print off my tutorial for a beginner.

I am working on a new fairy and have listed some jewelry on my website. So much to do!

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Dawn in the Forest said...

Yay! I love tutorials....thanks for sharing:)