Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lula and her pet mushroom

I listed Lula on Ebay last night and she sold almost immediately. I used Living Doll clay to sculpt this one. It was fun to use a different clay, but I am going back to ProSculpt. I think it's easier to smooth and is more seamless, but Lula turned out pretty cute!
I do have another doll to list later today. She is another Living Doll piece. I don't have photos yet, but will post them later today. She is a child fairy on a pedestal. My dolls are usually free standing or sitting and don't come with an elaborate setting. That's just my preference. I like to sit them on books, nestle them in crooks and crannies...just like any regular house fairy would do!
More later!


Jain Squires said...

Lulu is beautiful love her little hat and boots. I'm thinking of giving the living doll clay a try too!! Jain x

Sue Anne said...

Thanks Jan! There are some things about Living Doll that I like. It doesn't "melt" as easily in warm hands, but it is a little more difficult to blend and hide seams. It's worth a try though. I got mine from Clay Alley. It's a little less expensive than ProSculpt or Puppenfimo.