Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wedgwood broken china pendant with back stamp

This white broken china pendant with the Wedgwood "Patrician" back stamp didn't make it to my website! I was delighted that my sister, Gina, liked it so much that she claimed it as her own! I wanted to share the photo with you because I will be making a similar one for my website soon! I bought several of the Wedgwood plates here in Ohio. As I said in my earlier post, white embossed china has become my favorite and a Wedgwood one is particularly impressive because of its world wide renowned reputation.

One wonderful side benefit of having a passion for art, is that I am very content at home with my work. I don't feel compelled to shop malls to fill a hole in my soul, which is a very good thing in this economy. If you can find your passion, you will find that there is no time to dwell on the negative, or to feel that you have to shop til you drop to make sense of your life.

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