Tuesday, April 20, 2010

long overdue update

I have been side tracked from my sculpting. I have found another art form that has been occupying my free time, but I can assure you that I am will be finishing some dolls really soon!
Let me tell you about my new "addiction." I taught myself to do decorative soldering and have been creating the most lovely pendants, which I have listed for sale on my website. I am have trademarked my Vanity Pendants™, my own concept for "useable jewelry." With an image on one side and a mirror on the other, they can be used discreetly for checking your face, makeup, and lipstick after dinner, or just whenever! I am proud to say that I am producing these with a company logo for the sales representatives of a new corportation, and hope to produce them for other businesses that need a clever way to advertise.
I am also creating broken china pendants. Mine are bigger and bolder than most of the other broken china jewelry that you see. Also, you will find gorgeous antique or vintage "lace under glass" pendants on my site.
Soldering is definitely an art and a challenge. I have the burn marks on my fingers to prove it! I have mastered decorative solder beads and giving some of my pieces a believeable antique patina.

PLease don't give up me when it comes to my sculpting. I have two babies nearly finished and one fairy child in the works. I will be listing them soon! I will also share more sculpting tips and one of these days, I will try to post a tutorial for sculpting a baby's face.

In the pictures above, I am showing the pendants and bracelet that I made for a client. The broken china belonged to her grandmother. You will also see a picture of a lace under glass pendant. I found the lace in Kapaa, Hawaii last month. Then, of course, there is a photo of one of my Vanity Pendants™ !

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