Tuesday, April 20, 2010

new china findings!

I have been scouring the antique stores in Ohio. I have found some exciting new china to transform into pendants for summer wear! I am particularly looking forward to using some white embossed china that has a very vintage look, especially when worn on a black velvet cord. I sold a similar one last week and was so hoping to find similar plates so that I could make more. I think they just might be my favorite look. I really never thought that white china would look so eye catching, but it is!

My broken china pendants tend to be more substantial and are bolder than most other artists' pieces. They make a very stylish statement.

When I go home to California next week, I will be grinding my new found treasures, shaping them into stunning art for you to wear!

I also hope to finish those baby dolls that are just waiting for some blush and wisps of hair. I have no trips planned for a while, so I look forward to spending my days soldering and sculpting.

Please watch for my new work soon @ www.toodlesocks.com

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