Sunday, November 4, 2012

Priscilla, The Crazy Cat Lady

Yep, she's crazy!  She's obsessed with cats! Priscilla is my latest creation.  This is a 4 piece set, one black cat and three off white ones,and, of course, Priscilla.   You can arrange them however you like and Priscilla can be posed in several positions because she is wire jointed.  This doll has a clay ruffle around her neck, something I have not done before, but I like it!  I knocked off the edges with sandpaper before I stained her so that she would look old and worn.  She has polka dot legs, which area very whimsical.  I hope cat lovers can identify with this feline crazed woman!  I know she has more cats. I think she has then hidden somewhere in her house.  
I will alter a box just for her. Collectors who have my dolls know that they are quite lovely and artistic in themselves!  I use bits of lace, ephemera, photos, ribbons, etc......anything I can find to embellish the boxes.  You'll see! But you have to win her to find out!

Here is the link to her auction:

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