Monday, June 14, 2010

Steampunk OOAK doll is finished!

I think I am keeping her for myself. I love her sweet face and am not ready to say good-bye to her. She is one of my favorite sculpts.

Steampunk is an interesting genre with a blend of Victorian, science fiction (think Jules Verne), fantasy, and, of course, the age and invention of steam power.

I might end up putting her on my web site, but for now she takes her place in my family room with other magical creatures and babies that I have created. I like to have my home filled with items that have meaning rather than merely store-bought decor, although I have a bit of that.

I haven't named her. I am sure a name will come to me. They always do.

Here are some facts about her:
The watch is brand new, but I aged it to keep with the look.
I hand sculpted her satchel and need to take some close up photos so you can see how realistic it is!
I cut her wings from tin and then filed them down on the edges so they would not be so sharp.
Her top is made from very old vintage lace.
Her eyes were hand painted and then glossed.
Her finger nails are very detailed with white tips and gloss.
I used Prosculpt for this doll. It's my favorite...thank you Jack Johnson!
She has a brass key hole on the back of her wings. I will have to take a photo of that too!
Now, on to my next mission....budget babies for ebay! With the economy so tight, I am going to do a line of simple babies so that collectors can keep collection OOAK artist dolls at a low starting price. Collectors can be happy with the opening price and I can be happy doing them without much clothing.

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