Sunday, June 20, 2010

My new OOAK doll baby tutorial!

This is my gift to you. I spent a lot of time last night trying to capture images as I create my next doll. She will probably be about a 4 inch doll when she is completed.
I could not photograph everything that I did, only because I don't have a third hand to hold the camera while I am working. So, this is not a complete tutorial as would be possible with a video camera. But, I have tried to give you the highlights of how I go about creating one of my little ones. I could not show all of the tweaking and smoothing I do for my dolls because I sometimes spend hours working on a piece until I get it the way I want.
I hope you enjoy looking at the process and please check out all of my new work as it appears here on my blog, on Ebay, and on my web site at
I appreciate your support and hope you appreciate my effort to teach you how to sculpt like I do.


Anonymous said...

That is wonderful! You are an 'adder' and I am a "pusher". lol It is interesting to see other's techniques.
Thank you for sharing Sue Anne

Sue Anne said...

Hi Colleen! There does seem to be two different breeds of us. I do some pushing and nudging after I have added. I am more "Katherine Dewey, " and you are more "PR." Whatever works, huh?

Candace said...

Great tutorial and your right Sue Anne, there are so many different ways to sculpt and I am a pusher also. I do have to add clay for certain areas but mostly I bring it fourth. What sweet , sweet faces you make for your babes!

Hugs to you for sharing.

Sue Anne said...

Thanks Candace! You are one of my favorite sculptors so your compliment means a lot to me!