Saturday, June 5, 2010

Steampunk fairy child WIP

I am really excited about my steampunk fairy! The "work in progress" or WIP picture is not a very good one, since took it late last night and had to use a flash. The real little watch gears on her helmet are much more detailed in person.
I am drawn to steampunk for some reason. I liked it even before I knew it had a name! Gears, watch parts, nuts, bolts, flying machines all of the components of this look are intriguing to me. Each person has their own interpretation of what Steampunk is and where its boundries lie. Within my definition are old typewriter keys and old telephone components...two things that I was drawn to as a child. As a matter of fact, my love for typewriters almost killed me. There was a metal cabinet in one of the bedrooms in the old white house where I lived until I was seven. On the very top was a lovely old black typewriter. I wanted that typewriter! I climbed the shelves of the cabinet and it came crashing down on me with keys flying and bouncing on the hardwood floor everywhere. My mom was afraid for Dad to pick up the cabinet for fear that they would find me dead under it. But I was tougher than that! I just wish I had those keys for my work today! Who knew they would be valuable treasures?
This little girl has a long way to go, but she will get steampunk-ier and more refined as I continue with her. So stay with me and watch her.
My next sculpt is going to be a treat for my followers. I am going to try really hard to take pics from the very beginning.
See those books from Amazon that are running along my blog? I started out with the Maureen Carlson book and progressed to the Katherine Dewey one, which is my Bible for sculpting. I highly recommend these books.

Have a good weekend!

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