Friday, May 6, 2011

Why do I share sculpting tips?

My son,a graphic artist, asked "Mom! Why do you tell people your sculpting secrets?" Well, I have always been a generous person and I also love to teach. Additionally, I have Parkinson's Disease and I don't know how much longer I will be able to sculpt, so I feel that by sharing tips, I can leave a piece of myself behind...pardon the poor grammar.

When I started sculpting, I had to buy books, search the internet, and learn by trial and error. I know a lot of artists think that everyone should start out that way. I believe that what you give out to the world comes back to you somehow, some way. It' better known as Karma, or the "law of reciprocity." I am not saying that I share only for that reason. I enjoy sharing for the sake of sharing. Grandpa Morgan said "We were all put here to help each other out." I believe that. The world has too much anger and hatred. If I can give people a bit of joy, then I will do that.


Christine said...

What a wonderful philosophy. If we could all share just a little more, how much pleasanter life would be. Thank you.

Sue Anne said...

And thank you Christine!