Monday, April 4, 2011

OOAK doll sculpting tips

On my smaller babies, I don't use an armature, especially when the baby's position has the arms and legs tight against the body. To make the joints extra secure, I add just a touch of liquid Sculpey or liquid Fimo. Use too much and the clay will just slide around when you try to put it together.

Don't just make a line with a tool on the baby's "skin." Push on the clay after indentation to make it look like a real baby crease.

If you sculpt your baby's face and the back of the head looks too small, bake it and add on more clay, then bake again. A baby's head is pretty full. Leaving it too small makes it look like an alien. I just want to remind you again that a baby's features start in the lower third of the head. That's what makes it look so "baby!"

I am working on my three new baby sculpts. Actually, one will be a jointed toddler. So, keep watch!

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