Wednesday, September 10, 2008

baby chimpanzees!

I was commissioned to make three baby apes and once I got started I couldn't stop! I had not made any baby chimps or orangutans for quite sometime. I forgot how much fun they are. So, I have made one that is so tiny it fits in a walnut shell and another that sleeps in an antique spoon. They are currently up for auction on Ebay. Please check them out!

What can I tell you about making a baby ape. Well, their facial structure is pretty much the same as a human's on the upper part of their faces, but the bottom of the face is all mouth. They don't have cheeks like humans. I usually start out with a round ball and then add an oval shape on the bottom half of the face. I set a nose in the center top of the oval and then cut in a mouth. Ears on a chimp are bigger and stick out more than on an orangutan. Also, orangutans have darker faces (top half at least) than chimps have. They also have those long orangutan arms.

Sue Anne

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